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About The Bio-Natural Lab

Initiative to Find Inspiration in every substance of Peru, in a local scholar to make them leaders

As mentioned earlier, the Gonzales Bio-Natural lab is a spin-off concept of our lab in Cleveland. We actively look to develop bridges between US researchers and Peruvian scholars to interlace/interexchange knowledge and resources. In one hand, the fresh unexplored peptides from spiders in the Peruvian Amazonia are needed for our research in peripheral neuropathy and cancer, and in the other hand, Peruvian scholars can be aware (and learn) of the types of available substances in their soil that hold tremendous potential in biomedical research. This is what makes this approach unique and what links us all together. 

This is our visit to the Scientific University of Peru to interlace our collaborations and exchanges.

Our Story

This initiative has existed as long as the PI generated his interest in Chemistry when he was a high school student in Iquitos city. Our work aims to propel the careers of true-merit scholars and leaders by transferring knowledge and resources to locals and communities in Peru with previous lack of access to current science. We engage in this task by bringing scholars from Peru to perform research in our lab in Cleveland while disseminating our work and techniques to Peruvian high schools and Universities.

Meet Future Scholars from the Initiative

Our Collaborators

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