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Gonzales Lab - Nuclear Imaging - Disease Quantification

About the Gonzales Lab

The lab is a program of multidisciplinary concepts and scientific fields including, peptides from the Amazon, sodium channels and nuclear imaging, together to address urgent and unmet medical afflictions. Each field brings a certain "only-at-the-Gonzales-Lab" quality to hone a true-diverse research approach that has contributed to what the Gonzales lab has become today.

Who are We?

We are a group of researchers and underrepresented scholars that bring different expertises and experiences to tackle cancer, neuropathies and infectious diseases. We know that every aspect of our lab concept requires to be performed with a unique angle approach, enthusiasm and with a "Significant-research of Author" deliberation, excelling in their various arts of science.

The Best Curative Substances exist on the South American Rain-forest

The rainforest of Peru is the largest incubator in earth. Over 3 million species live in the rainforest of Peru-Colombia-Brazil. Peruvian ecology holds something that other ecosystems lack, including the influence and exclusiveness of the andes (and its minerals and seasons), the marriage of the Maranon and Ucayali rivers that gives rise to the Amazon, this delicate combination has ingrained themselves into the Peruvian ecology that now is used by the Gonzales-Arevalo Lab via its peptides, to address human medical dysfunctions and to push the limits of transformative biomedical research.

''We are lending Peruvian, evolutionary and privileged molecular substances to develop imaging quantitative methods for human disease.''

Junior Arturo Gonzales

cranial nerves pink1.png

Bionatural peptide

Gonzales Bio-Natural Lab

The Gonzales Bio-Natural lab is an unmatched derived spin-off concept and research program of our lab that provides (i) in-situ access to undiscovered peptides from the rain-forest of Peru and (ii) recognition to local peruvians from Iquitos as a way to return and to continue exchanging knowledge and much-needed resources. 

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